I want to go a little bit more in depth with sexuality.

Continuing on from my previous post about my asexuality and how that affects me in my life, I would also like to point out that sexuality is fluid. You like what you like. Because of this, asexuals are often written off as not being real LGBT+ people because we are “basically straight.” While that is true for me, personally, there are many asexual people, commonly known as ace, who are fully capable of having romantic relations with people. There are aces out there who are also bi, just, for them it’s biromantic.

Stacking sexualities is actually really common, and not something that should surprise people, but when we talk about stacking, we also have to talk about the romantic side of the spectrum. Let’s make it easy and only talk about gay, bi, and pansexuals right now. I have a friend that considers herself ace but is also capable of being romantically involved with both men and women. This makes her both biromantic and asexual. She happens to be the type of ace that is sex repulsed, so she would never have sex as far as I know from talking to her. Remember, only the individual knows what they want.

For me, I’m the basic case of heteroromantic and asexual. I’m the person the LGBT+ community is talking about when they say that aces are “Basically straight.” It doesn’t bother me, but I have known aces like me who is does bother. They feel like the community is rejecting them, and no matter how straight you think we are, the actual straights aren’t going to accept us either.

I really recommend reading into the different sexualities. It’s actually really interesting, and it would help you be more accepting? Of others who are probably different than you.


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